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Hose Bib


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A hose bib, also known as a spigot or outdoor faucet, is a device used to connect a hose to a water source. It works by allowing water to flow through a valve when the handle is turned, and stopping the flow when the handle is closed.

Hose bibs typically feature a male thread for connection to a water supply line and a female hose connection on the outlet end. They are available in a range of materials, including brass, stainless steel, and plastic, and may feature additional features such as frost-free designs for use in cold climates.

The connection type of a hose bib may vary depending on the specific model and application. Common connection types include threaded connections for use with pipe fittings, compression fittings for use with copper tubing, and push-fit fittings for use with PEX or PVC piping.

Hose bibs are commonly used in residential and commercial applications for watering plants, washing cars, and other outdoor activities that require access to water. They are available in a range of sizes, with standard sizes typically ranging from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch in diameter.

Overall, hose bibs are a versatile and essential component of any outdoor plumbing system, providing a convenient and reliable source of water for a wide range of applications.

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