Professional Valves And Fittings Manufacturers In China

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Provide competitive plumbing valves and Fittings

We are professionals in the plumbing valve industry for decades

We have more than 500 samples, involving plumbing, gas, HVAC, sanitation, and other application fields. We believe that the enterprise goal is to provide customers with cost-effective products such as plumbing valves, and we have good after-sales service and guarantee.

Chinese Plumbing Valves Experts Embracing The World


Sincerely welcome foreign and domestic new/old customers to contact us for business negotiation, technical exchange, and new brass valves and fittings development.


We offer high quality and qualified plumbing and gas valves and fittings at reasonable prices。


We have a professional R&D team can production as customer request.


We are specialized in the production of plumbing valves, gas valves, thermal valves, brass and stainless steel fittings.


Our products meet the certification standards of many countries and industry associations and organizations.


Our annual output is 2,500,000 sets/piece can meet the needs of customers purchases.


We have Shanghai Port, the largest container port in the world. At the same time, we are close to Ningbo Port, the third largest port in the world.

about us

Shanghai Toval Machinery Co., Ltd. founded in 2005, is the plumbing valve supplier after years of development, we are now the leading manufacturer of brass valves, fittings, and distribution manifolds for plumbing, gas, and heating systems, for use in residential, industrial and commercial settings.

We are committed to providing the world’s best one-stop solution for water, gas, oil, and heating systems.

With manufacturing ability from material to spare parts, Toval has formed a vertical production supply chain, effectively improving the capacity, shortening the delivery time, and trying to gain our presence worldwide.​

One stop solution: From design and production to transportation

We have two ways: inventory delivery and drawing customization. From demand formulation, product production, and logistics transportation to after-sales service, we provide housekeepers one-stop solutions to win business development opportunities for customers with efficient workflow.


Our Values

From industrial products to works of art

Take every product seriously

Our philosophy: make industrial products produced in batches into unique works of art, win the industry market with high-cost performance, and turn the added value of works of art into rich profits for customers and enterprises.

Toval Fluid Control

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