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Ball Valves

Plumbing valve is a mechanical in-line device used to open or shut off the flow of water, gas or oil. Valves come in a variety of types and sizes and can be used for emergency shut-off, maintenance, backflow prevention, drainage, utility and other applications.Valves for use in hot and cold water potable and non-potable plumbing applications. All products are available in lead-free options.

About Ball Valves

Our large inventory of brass ball valves includes a variety of sizes and connection options. These valves feature a heavy-duty, full port design, 1/4-turn steel handle (reversible) and are available in both regular and Lead-Free brass.

What is a ball valve?
A typical, 2-way brass ball valve is a quarter-turn, shut-off type, non-balancing valve with a stainless steel or chrome plated brass ball inside it. The ball is positioned in the center of the valve body, connected to the lever and has a hole in it to allow the liquid or gas to pass through. In an open position, the hole is in-line with the pipe. By turning the lever 90 degrees, the ball rotates 90 degrees on a central axis and the opening becomes perpendicular to the pipe, shutting off the flow. Teflon or PTFE seat which surrounds the ball ensures smooth and leak-free operation, even after years of being unused. Since the lever can be only in (2) positions – open (level in line with the pipe) and closed (lever is perpendicular to the pipe), it is easy to determine whether the valve is open or closed.
Due to the nature of their design, ball valves are not intended for flow regulation and balancing applications. Instead, they are used solely for shutoff (2-way valves) and/or diverting (3-way and 4-way valves) applications and are considered to be the most reliable type for the job.
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