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Compression Stop Valves


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Compression Stop Valves, also known as Angle Stop Valves, are essential plumbing fixtures that provide a convenient way to shut off water flow to specific fixtures or areas. These valves are commonly used in residential and commercial settings, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
TOVAL Compression Stop Valves are manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability. Our valves are made of premium materials, including brass and stainless steel, and feature a durable construction that can withstand high-pressure conditions. Moreover, our valves are designed for easy installation and maintenance, providing a hassle-free experience for plumbers and homeowners alike.
With TOVAL Compression Stop Valves, you can expect superior flow control and leak-free performance. Our valves are engineered to deliver precise water flow regulation, allowing you to adjust the water supply to your appliances and fixtures as needed. Whether you need to repair a leaky faucet or replace an old valve, TOVAL Compression Stop Valves offer the perfect solution for your plumbing needs.

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